Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Full Entry : Pre-Unite Ride 2012

Assalam sayangs sayangs semua.... Hope hari ni sihat ceria di samping kerja-kerja eh... Ehehehee.... Oke-oke, jom mulakan kisah perjalanan scooter forever kami yang sekali lagi memanjat bukit Cameron Highland yang sejukkkkkkk sangat waktu kami tiba di sana... Bawak motor sampai beku tangan dibuatnye... Hihihihii ;-)

Last week as we plan we're having a Pre Unite Ride for all scooterist community that we invited and manage to join us even last min decision... Lucky still have a place for them... Total participants whose joining the convoy including from north, east & west are 53 persons... So we manage to reach our target to organized the pre-unite ride.. From the beginning we actually target around 20 participants maximum.... Tak sangka jadi ramai macam tu sampai pening gak la kami nak handle... Ekekekekkee.... SRF Motorsports is the club who organized this ride and beauty & Mr. B as always part of the crew who manage the home stay and others thing including RV point for KL participants because SRF their self majority waiting at R&R Sg. Buloh.... As always the early bird crew @ participants arrived at RV point beauty & Mr. B laaaaa... And also our 2 others friend... Hihihihii... Better early than late!! Hihihihi ;-) Our journey to Cameron Highland full of conjecture... Like ordinary convoy, there will have motor breakdown and so on... But Alhamdulillah  beauty & Mr. B both excellent scooters this time moving without any problems... Thanx to Mr. B who are care & service my scooter before convoy... Love you ;-) So lets see the piccas with the title ya... =)

 RV point at R&R Sg. Buloh... 12.00am on wards

 Chubby wifey waiting for Adam scoot breakdown at Sungkai, Perak

 Part of us.. Others already arrived at R&R Tapah

After arrived at R&R Tapah, we're taking a nap & rest for a while before continuing the journey.. But we cannot sleep laaaaa.... It sooo cold ;-( Beauty & Mr. B just hugging each other and sleep at each other shoulder... =)

 Safely arrived at Simpang Pulai

 Our ride... =)

 How come Mr. B snap this pict? For our remember of course ;-p

 Breakfast!! Breakfast!!!

 Tired, sleepy & hungry =)

Petronas Simpang Pulai our RV point for northern scooterist & us before continue journey..
 Welcome to Cameron Highland... At this time we are riding with coolest environment... REALLY COLD okay!!! I'm freezing... hohohohoo ;-p

 Alhamdulillah we safely arrived at Home Stay =)


 Mr. Frenz arrived at Saturday morning with his fiance.. Poor him, his Gilera breakdown..

 Our ride at Orang Asli Village =)

 Preparing the stuff for game activities ;-)

 Kah kah kah!!!!!!

 Jepon Yakuza.... Bahahahaaaa ;-p

 Cheatingggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-p

 Run!!! Runnn!!

 Oh myyyy!!!!!! Hahahahahah!!!!!

 What happen to your face bro?? Ekekekekekee

 The Orang Asli child joining us... ekekekee ;-p

 They love the game.... =p

 Wohooooo ;-p

 Happyyyyy ;-)
 Preparing another game for them =)

 Game briefing from the crew =)

 Everybody enjoy to watch us...=)

Bowling game... Hahahaha ;-p

 Last but not least Water Balloon game!!
 At this time beauty and all of the crew already safe our self... Wakakakakakaaa ;-p

 Bluweeeekkkk ;-p

So at night we giving them KFC each one for dinner.. Simple and easy right?? heheheheee... And then delivery the prize for the winner... Actually all group having their own prize... Hihihiii ;-) After that free and easy activities... All of us going to Night Market at brinchang... =) I think at that time the weather is 10 degrees and below... And everyone buy glove and socks... Cold & freezing.... Beauty sleep wearing hijab oke... Hahahahaaa ;-)

Sunday morning beauty, Mr. B & family having early breakfast because we know that they all not wake up yet... Hihihiii... After having breakfast then we both gegar all the participants because we had another activities to do... Going to strawberry farm, vegetable market and tea farm... =) Oh by the way, on Sunday the Novgos crew from Ipoh coming to join us... So total participants on Sunday become 100 plus.. Cameron Highland is full with scooterist!! Hoyehhhhhh ;-)

 Last snap at Home Stay
 Wehuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu ;-)

Breakfast before shopping =) 

 Mr. B & friends are still solving gilera problem... Alhamdulillah they manage to fix it and Frenz safely arrived at KL without any major problem... =)
 3 stooges ;-p

Below piccas at strawberry park =)

And last but not least... We at Tea Farm.... Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh ;-)

Alhamdulillah we all safely arrived at home around 11.30pm... Beauty & Mr. B having dinner a.k.a supper 1st before going back to home... =) Overall we really enjoy with this ride... InsyaAllah we will plan for Unite Ride by this year... Destination is still on plan... But we all will seeing each other again at Perhimpunan Skuter Kebangsaan PSK12 this end of April... InsyaAllah... Thank you to all participants... We love you guyz... See you again!!!! ;-)

Husband & Wife... Wink wink ;-)


Saya Punye said...

Macam dekat kg.sungai lui je tu kakak? sejukkkk jeee

misz beauty said...

Sungai Ruil la dik.. Sg. Lui kat cheras laaa... ekekeke... ;-p

memang sejuk sangat2... so far 3 kali kami ride, tiga2 sejuk gila... ekekekek