Thursday, January 05, 2012

Mission Imposible : Ghost Protocol

Heleewwwww my sayangs... Today beauty wanna story mory about last nite date with my beloved Mr. B... As usual we always plan watching movie on Wednesday because the price will be cheap then others day... Hahahaaa... So kemut kan?? So sorry we rather buy some food with the money then buying expensive ticket just to watch a movie... But last nite beauty & Mr. B have no choice... Beauty want to buy something and the usual place we watch movie don't have... So we decide to go Sunway Pyramid because that is the place nearest from our home for me to buy the thing and to watch the movie also...=)

At 1st, beauty want to watch Jack & Jill... But after see the timing ah so late late u noe... Later nak mamam dinner lagik... Uhuhuhuuuu.. So beauty decide to watch Ghost Protocol and Mr. B was agreed with that... So after work we meet each other at Pyramid... before that beauty already shopping the stuff that i need... Yeyyyy!!! ;-p Then we have more times to walk around the Pyramid window window shop sambil gurau senda... Bahahahaa... Like owest my Mr. B kan pendengki... Always bullying me!! Then ask me to kiss kiss la.. Hug hug la and peoples are staring at us... Buwekkkkk ;-p

Okay back to the movie review... So far Ghost Protocol is the best opening movie on 2012... Best eva... (Tak rugi duit mak cik labur kat cinema mahal nok... Hahahaaa ;-p) MIGP make my heart keep beating fastest... Hahahahaa... Lomah jantung mak cik ni ha... Aduyai!!! ;-p Even Tom Cruise are quite old now but he still handsome... Huaaaaa ;-p (but Mr. B said he is more handsome than TC.. Buweekkkk ;-p) I love too see Dubai view... Very maveles... (bila la nak sampai sana kan... wanie!! later kita simpan duit pi sana holiday and stay with ur mum kat Dubai oke ;-p) And the buildings was very very very height and beautiful!!!! Seriau mak noks...;-p And the thing that very impressed me while the IMF was at Mumbai... They have such an incredible car park like in Tokyo oke... That was very impressed because we tot that India is a backward country... Look like Malaysia is a backward country... Bahahahaa... (aittt but i still love my Malaysia oke ;-p) You know what, i'm thinking if Tom Cruise feat Angelina Jolie... It will be more awesome!!! Hehehehee (ko ingat ko DIREKTOR ke beauty?? ;-p) Okey guyz, if you not watching this movie yet... Please do!! Bring your wife, gf or friends.... Let the movie make your heart falling down at carpet... bahahahaaa ;-p Enjoy the show ya... ;-)

p/s* sorry english berterabur yek... prektis make perfect.. bahahahaaa ;-p

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