Sunday, November 13, 2011

Workaholics Husband & Wife

Assalam my sayangs sayangs.. Yup today beauty gonna talk about workaholic.. Because this entire week beauty & hubby are working monday to sunday morning to night.. Crazy right?? We had no time to see each other for a long time.. Just see at night.. Either beauty already sleep or hubby already sleep.. Then we both wake up each other at least having 1 hour chit chat whats happening to us on that day.. Poor right? ;-( i miss having fun time with my B.. ;-( We can't wait for our quality times.. May everything going smooth with what we already plan..

Okay guyz, have a nice weekend.. Please spent your love & quality times with your family or else you will regret if you don't have it one day... Take care sayangs ;-)

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cha said...

wah massing busy ye. kesian. takpela demi mencari rezeki kn. nnti pgla honeymoon spend masa ber2 je ;)

misz beauty said...

Yes my dear.. Dis week kan 11.11 tu so hubby bz shoot wedding.. Then me pulak ada school School. Tak sabar nak pi holiday... ;-)