Friday, November 11, 2011

Thailand Flooding Disaster

Assalam my dear readers... May Allah bless all of you and have a beautiful Friday today... =) Actually beauty already draft the entry for this title... But suddenly my 3G line on my phone having some problem yesterday... Tension!! So i have to start back from the beginning... ;-(

Okay back to the topic... Last Wednesday & Thursday our office have a donation ceremony.. Wednesday collecting the thing & Thursday we had the rendition ceremony... We represent our beloved University Putra Malaysia collecting donation from all students under our Credited Curriculum & Facilitators... Alhamdulillah we managed to collected about 70000 kg's of flour, sugar, milk & mineral water... And we use 6 of MRCS's (Malaysian Red Cerscent Society) lorry... Even though it still not enough to help all the flooding victim but at least we do something to help them... They need our help... They need foods, they need clean water... Hope that all the donations can less their suffering... Amiin =)

And for us staff of CEISed, UPM? We still had a body ache.. uhuk uhuk uhuk ;-) Never mind, we will be okay... Anything will do to give our best!!! ;-) Come let us see little bit of piccas during the donation collected... I'm so sorry i had no time to take some piccas during the ceremony... We are tooooo busy ;-)

Thank you to Thailand Ministry of Counselor , Head of Secretary Kementerian Pengajian tinggi and our beloved TNC for coming to our ceremony... InsyaAllah next time we will do this thing again to helping other... Palestine people maybe next time... InsyaAllah... May Allah bless us..;-)

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