Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Birthday King of My Heart

Today 26 August 2011 @ 26 Ramadhan 1432h is my baby heart birthday. Oh he is getting old for his age but getting childish. Sangat la manja oke tido nak betepuk bagai. But getting loving also day by day. I loved when get kissing on my head while sleeping ;-) (tido pun bole sedar dan buat-buat tak sedar kan. Huahahaha ;-p)

To my dearest baby husband which is my hubby, my bestfriend, my love, my enemy, my sleeping bad, my judge, my photographer, my everything. Happy birtday bb. May Allah bless you. May Allah bless us. Semoga sentiasa dibawah panji lindunganNya. Semoga sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki. Semoga sentiasa menjadi suami yang terbaik. Dan semoga apa yang dihajati dimakbulkan. Amin. I'll be always be with you b. Will loving you ketat-ketat until my heart stop beating. You are my king, king of my heart. Happy birthday again b ;-)

Okay today will be celebrating his birthday. It been 3 or 4 years i think we're celebrating his birthday on ramadhan. Mudah-mudahan mendapat berkat :-) semalam just banje dia mamam steamboat johnnys yang dia suka. Today tak bole kasi tau lagi kat mana sebab orang tu tau la nanti dia kan peminat setia blog ni. Hihihiii ;-p

There you go picthaaa of birthday boy.. ;-) he owest make his nerd face when i want to snap picture ;-p i love b!!! Love u so much!!! Biggggg hugsss for you ;-)

P/s* he is sleeping besides when me blog this entry. Such a cute bb boy ;-p

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