Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, happy Gud Friday to u ols... Beauty ari nih feel free ckit then belek-belek my old entry post... Then terjumpa 1 comment nih sungguh best.... Yang paling best part pasangan Pisces VS Virgo.... Me and My Sayang lah tuh.... Neway thanx to the person whose comment on my ugly blog... ;-) here u are....

free tarot reading said...

LOVE INSIGHT Pisces star people have a bewitching quality – they can steal your heart in an instant. They strive to be loved and to belong, but also need their personal space to escape to. It’s a magical roller coaster ride with this sensitive sign, but if the chemistry is there, it’s worth the ups and downs.

Pisces – Aries : When mind and emotions link, it’s magical.

Pisces – Taurus : Romantically in-tune, they’re in love paradise.

Pisces – Gemini : An understanding and appreciation of each other.

Pisces – Cancer : These two click, and build a beautiful love nest.

Pisces – Leo : There’s a mutual respect for individual qualities.

Pisces – Virgo : Intellect and instinct combinations can be powerful.

Pisces – Libra : The attraction is romance, and stimulating discussion.

Pisces – Scorpio : Complete with intense love, and plenty of action.

Pisces – Sagittarius : There’s something mystically special with this union.

Pisces – Capricorn : Together they can reach inner levels of wonderment.

Pisces – Aquarius : Combined, they have it all – the ying and yang.

Pisces – Pisces : Heavenly bliss – these two are totally in tune.

Note * Diz afternoon will going to Melaka for outstation... Will online there if i'm free... Take cara u ols... ;-)


Qistyna Sha said...

asal muka mista rossi camtu? ke tak ready nak ambik pic or tak cukup tido?? =D

misz beauty said...

ahahahaaa.. if sis nak taw, dier saje buat2 tdo mase amik pict tuh... sengal jerk...;-D

Sha said...

nakal... =D