Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tag.. Tag... Tag......!!!!

Again tagged by lil sis cella... Bile lah beauty lak nak tagged dier pulak... Huhuhuuu...;-p Here u go!!!!

1) Do you think you're hot?
Beauty haruslah howt gitu... Lately lagilah jadi semakin howt.. ;-)

2) Upload your favourite picture of you.

3) Why do you like that picture?
We look so sepadan gitu... Bagai pinang di belah 18... Huahhahaaaa...;-p

4) When was the last time you ate pizza?
At Alamanda... Cik Puan Niza blanje me on my besday... Thanx yayunk..;-)

5) The last song you listened to?
Di Taman Teman by Dato' CT... Nak kene hafal for da next show.. Huhuhuu ;-)

6) What are you doing now besides this?
Email my bos some paper...

People I tag :
1. Mrs Hidd =)
2. Mr. Specky ;-p
3. Mrs Nuyui ... again..;-)
4. Miss Bliss !!
5. Miss Farra... huhuhuuuu..;-p

Who is number 1?
Profesional Fotographer's Wife and become a cute mummy..;-)

Say something about number 5.
She is a cute sista i've known in Decrra Motorsports =)

How about number 3?
Seorang yang sangat susah nak hapdet blog... So diz is for her homework.. ;-)

Who is number 2?
Who is really in love with his GF..;-)

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