Friday, March 13, 2009


Erghhh!!!! Today is a 1st day and it make me feel S**KS!!! Yesterday got body treatment and today even i've got my monthly pain i hav no excuse to go to jog at least 2 rounds... I hav to be stronger to reach my target.... Yeah beauty!!!! Chayok!!! Chayok!!!

This is my look afta 3 weeks diet plan... Wait for another 2 month ok..;-)

p/s* Sayang, i'm doing this all for you... Wanna look more beauty in front of you... I love you so muchhhhh!!!!!


Qistyna Sha said...

Keep up the good work... Semangat kene ada. Btw, semoga mendapat figure yang dihajati... :) tambahan hari bahagia tak lama lagi... =)

misz beauty said...

insyaAllah sis... by now theres no excuse 4 me to miss the exercise.. =)