Monday, March 30, 2009

The 2nd Tagged ~ Purse Tag By Miss Bliss

Purse pun bley kene tagged kan... Hehehee... Neway marilah lihat same-same purse beauty yang x berapa nak cantik nih... =)

1~Snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse
Jangan ketawa okay... Beauty punye purse tak secantik LV purse... huhuhuuu;-)

Outside A - In Front Of

Outside B - Back of

Inside... Sory, my Sayang sibuk nak enter frame jugak... huhuhuuu;-)

Syiling is outside... Dat is trademark for Guess purse i think... =)

A part of... Cant bring so much money... Nanti cepat abis.. huhuhu..;-)

Another part inside my purse... Here i put da resit, card statement, slip and bley dikatakan kadang2 penuh dengan sampah resit lah... But semlm dah kemas dulu... Buang semua yang patut..;-)

2~Introduce your purse brand,price n where u buy
Brand :Guess by Marciano
Price: RM179.90
I bought it at Pavillion, Bukit Bintang a week before Raya 2008 with Sayang when we ols nak berbuka puasa at Planet Hollywood. Purse lame dah rosak then kene lah beli baru.... ;-)

3~take out whatever its inside ur purse

Payslip.... i dun noe why i keep diz slip in my purse.... Like sampah jerk actually but suke jerk simpan.. Hehheee... Else, there have so many cards in my purse... myKad, driving license, bank cards, debit cards, credit card, karaoke card and all.
4~tagged other 7 person
I want to tagged a few person only.... Coz nnt they ols tak bley nak tagged yang laen... Heheheee... ;-)
*Sis Lysa*
*Lil Sis Roscella*
*Mista Specky Hero*
*Sis Farra*

5~Comment on ur fren's (who tagged u) purse..
Miss Bliss... Her purse look so simple but multipurpose... =)


AinNis said...

byk nye card dlm purse, nice la purse eija, klu dpt colour pink mest lg nice..hehe

misz beauty said...

eheh... banyak kad tapi xde duit... muahahaaa ;-p

pink xde lah kakak ku.... design nih de color black, brown and red only... huhuhuuu;-p