Friday, February 06, 2009

tagged again by sis cella mucuk!! ;-p

rules:link to the person that tag u
posts the rules in your blog
share 6 important things/habits/quirks about yourself
tag 6 random people at the end of ur blogs by linking to their blogs
let them know that they have been tag by leaving comment on their blogreply to me when they have finished

here it goes :

1.Me da person whus simply can crying when feels hurt... even too lil things happens.. especially when da moons comes around... =(

2.Every Working Morning i dunt noe wut i must wear to go to da office... (Malas keje sebenarnye... ahaks)

3.When i go for shopping,i got rambang mata,at least 1 things i must buy even a small hair clips..;-)

4.I dislike when my weight increased =( (well,everyone do)

5.Owest said dat i have not enaugh tshirt, long pants, dress, shoes, handbag eventhough da banyak... Mummy selaly bising.... Hahahahaaaa

6.Everyday now counting for my Big Day... Diz is my new habits.... =D

so now i tag:
1. Specky Hero
2. Mummy Yaeesh
3. Roxychicks (If she had read my blog... huhuhuuu)
4. Izzizwa (If she come back and start blogging again...:-))
5. Achik (When shes not bz with her boutique)
6. Orked Saiful (When Shes Grows Up.... Or her mummy or daddy feels rajin tlg orked...Heheheee)


mummYaeesh said...

wah...tetiba diriku di tag nih!tetiba ada homework ujung2 minggu ni kan..noty la uols..woohoo..

misz beauty said...

baru lah best men blog sis...;-)