Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tagged By Sis Cella =)

*4 places I go over and over :
1)home sweet home (like sis cella... hehehee)
2)sayang's home
3)work place
4)mummy's home

*4 people who email me regularly :
)forward msg
3)work buletin
4)junk email

*4 of my favourite places to eat (I love this q!) :
1)Dagang Avenue @Ampang(black paper chicken!! yummy!!)
2)Oasis Food Court @ Midvalley(portugis bbq fish!! kite tunggu renovation siap k sayang...)
3)Tomyam @ Keramat AU3.... Owest go there wif mummy n family for dinner =)
4)home sweet home! Love mummy's cook.

*4 places you'd rather be :
1)home sweet home
2)mummy's home
3)syg's home
4)hotel..... i'm love in it!! =)

*4 TV shows I could watch over n over :
1)Spa Q 2
2)I'm Not Single
3)Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gam... wohoooo!!!! =D
4)erkkk!!! banyak lah.... heheheee=D

* 4 people I think will respond (let them know you tagged them) :
1)Sis Lysa
2)Cik Nah
3)Mrs Izz
4)Anyone lah... Heheheee =)


egatinja said...

eee..sis tgk gak cta im not single tuu..sweet kn!!hehe
cella tgk ngn bf dulu..waa..sweet :))

misz beauty said...

hehe... yup, cite tu sweet sgt but sis watch it with my lil sis... u noe wut, shes cry.. lucu btl... hahahaaa=D