Monday, August 11, 2008

I Love You

When i hear your voice my heart melts.
You give me this high as if im on stelts.
Nothing can describe the passion i have for you.
And i feel like since ive met you i grew.
All the wonders you give me keeps me alive.
Without everything you do for me i dont know how i'd survive.
I'd like to put you in my pocket and hold you with me all day.
With you, in your arms is forever where i wanna stay.
One word that i can describe you as is perfect.
Im waiting for the day i can run away with you.
Hoping we will always be togethor and stay true.
I love thinking of you because it gives me a purpose to smile.
Making everyday worthwhile.
All im going to do is be honest.
I'd do anything for you and thats a promise.
I wanna stick to you like glue.
It just because i love you!
I Love You Sayang.... Today, tomorror and foreve!!!
Fizie LOVE Az


im a girl.. said... sweet!!
smoga berbahagia ya ;)

misz beauty said...

tq lil sis....;-)