Tuesday, May 06, 2008

New Hair =)

New hair new look. Beauty cut my hair yesterday. But Mummy dunno it. Pls Syhhhhhh ok!!!! Later will tell her la. Hihihihii. My hair is too long and i have to trim it because it became worth. And last day, beauty make a decision and go to saloon. Now here you are... Beauty cut 6 inch of my hair and you noe wut??? My hair is still long. How long beauty's hair isnt it??? What ever lah. Janji Rock!!! And at last beauty nye kepala pun jadi ringan sangat. =) Hope Mummy will not angry wif beauty lagipun my hair is still long to make sanggul. Afta diz wanna color it pulak. But Mummy never angry me if coloring my hair. Coz shes also do it. Huhuhuuuuuu ;-) K lah, nak out dulu. Having lot of work to do. Luv Ya'll!!! ;-)


Miss Sha said...

Oklah tuuu.... :P

Anonymous said...

sista!!pretty!!so adorable :)

misz beauty said...

thanx :shy: