Friday, March 21, 2008

Compatibility Meter

Love Compatibility of Pisces with Virgo

A Virgo is eager to organize your life. Initially, you may resist this idea. If you give in, though, you'll find yourself becoming much more productive and able to make your dreams come to life. At the same time, you can open up your Virgo's heart and tech him or her how to be more compassionate. You learn to think more clearly, and Virgos learn to trust their instincts. You both care deeply about others, although you show it in very different ways. Together, you can create a fulfilling life of goodwill and service, both to each other and to the world around you.

Beauty (Pisces) LOVE Camel (Virgo)


free tarot reading said...

Pisces star people have a bewitching quality – they can steal your heart in an instant. They strive to be loved and to belong, but also need their personal space to escape to. It’s a magical roller coaster ride with this sensitive sign, but if the chemistry is there, it’s worth the ups and downs.

Pisces – Aries : When mind and emotions link, it’s magical.
Pisces – Taurus : Romantically in-tune, they’re in love paradise.
Pisces – Gemini : An understanding and appreciation of each other.
Pisces – Cancer : These two click, and build a beautiful love nest.
Pisces – Leo : There’s a mutual respect for individual qualities.
Pisces – Virgo : Intellect and instinct combinations can be powerful.
Pisces – Libra : The attraction is romance, and stimulating discussion.
Pisces – Scorpio : Complete with intense love, and plenty of action.
Pisces – Sagittarius : There’s something mystically special with this union.
Pisces – Capricorn : Together they can reach inner levels of wonderment.
Pisces – Aquarius : Combined, they have it all – the ying and yang.
Pisces – Pisces : Heavenly bliss – these two are totally in tune.

misz beauty said...

wow... juz read ur comment afta a long time... thanx so much...

Pisces - Virgo : Intellect and instinct combinations can be powerful.