Monday, April 09, 2007

~Some Advise For Us~


An apology is usually never enough to fix the damage.
In order to help you get started on the road to rebuilding a relationship after you have broken someone's trust, you first need to know some of the big Do's and Don'ts...

· DON'T blame the other person. Only you are responsible for your behaviors and actions.
· DON'T make excuses for what you have done.
· DON'T tell the person that you have hurt to "get over it."
· DON'T rush the person into trusting you again, they may need time.
· DO apologize immediately.
· DO take responsibility for what you did wrong, and let the person whose trust you broke know that you realize that you made a mistake.
· DO be willing to make amends. Let the other person know what you are willing to do to repair the relationship.
· DO be open to hearing the person's anger and pain without interrupting them.
Lastly, after all of the above things have been taken care of and you both agree it's time to move forward, you need to leave the past in the past and not continue to keep bringing up all of the painful details.

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